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Chat without swipe or match, watch video reels and build your friends list.

A unique Dating App, that allows you to chat without swipe or match, watch video reels of our members or build your own friends list and engage with them when you want.
Doesn't matter if your goal is to find your soul mate, build friendly relationships with people around you or meet casual people live, SDate allows you to engage with our members in the most original way possible.

It’s all about connection

In today's world, everyone is in a rush, looking to build a carrier, or a fortune and so many women and men around the world are caught in this race with less and less free time to build a public relationship or to find a stable partner. Here is where the s•date app jumps in the game and solves the problem by helping you build connections with ease, navigate anonymously, open chats only with your matches, browse video reels, or jump in global chats and meet new fantastic people only with 100% verified accounts, all in a safe & secure environment!


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The top trend dating app that help you to meet real people, make new friends and chat with people from all around the world in a 100% safe & secure environment.

Update your current location and check for the people nearby

Traveling soon? Increase the radius distance and check for even more people. Swipe right and see if is a match 😊


Easiest way to create private connections and relationships

Build by people for people, the result is a stunning dating app that helped many people already to chat and connect with ease.

Download the app and enter in the s•date world

With more than 100 000 matches every day, s•date has become very quickly the one-stop connection app for many users from all around the world looking for a dating partner or friend. They are ready to chat and share their experiences. Are You?


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Some of our TOP features:

  • Multiple Locations - Prepare the ground

    Add up to three destinations you intend to visit and engage in conversations with locals before you arrive there.

  • Invisible Mode - too much hassle on these dating apps?

    In SDate you can switch to the invisible mode when you want, and chat only with the people you choose to, all the rest will see your profile offline.

  • Get Verified - Show everyone that your photos are 100% real.

    The verified badge will make your profile way more appealing and will help you get more matches. Verifying your account means that your photos are 100% real and verified manually by our staff.

  • Video Reels - If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

    Tired of all these filters applied to the profile photos? Ask for a video reel😜
    We have adapted the latest social media trend, the video reels, to the dating world so, from now on, you can watch, appreciate, comment and share our members' video reels with your friends. Feel free to publish your own video, your message box will explode.

  • Chat Now - no swipes or match needed, just start chatting.

    If you don't want to swipe or match with other users, press the Chat Now button and let the magic happen. Our algorithm will match you right away with someone looking to chat at the same moment, just like you. Once your connected, a nice surprise is expecting.

  • Search users by name - What if your secret crush or your favourite neighbour has a profile on SDate?

    Wouldn't this be an amazing icebreaker? Search our members by name or surname and maybe luck is on your side.

  • Poke users - Consistency is the key to success

    Found a crush on SDate but is not matching with you? No worries, maybe it has so many requests that haven't even noticed your "swipe right". There is still hope, Poke the member's profile and if he pokes back, the game is on.

All these and many more other features are waiting for you on the SDate dating app and we are constantly improving the app by adding new features every month so THIS IS NOT THE USUAL DATING APP.